Monday, November 1, 2010


We all, 
we and me and you 
we all want to look back, 
to remember the good ol' days. 
If such they were.  
If such they were good, I mean.

Do you remember now?
The innocent days. 
The carefree, careless, stoned school days. 
The Friday night football, 
be home by curfew, 
Strawberry wine, 
No. 2 pencil days.

Back in those days, 
when the temple of unrequited love lectured from his soapbox, 
lectured from our parents, teachers, televisions, dealers, 
etcetera etcetera...
I hung out with the Third Street Anarchists that summer. 
We made up conspiracy theories in the backyard 
over tequila shooters and acid tabs 
and when god left, 
because he did, 
when god disappeared 
I left that small town prison for the city of dreams, 
where the anti-existentialists rule and nothing alters everything. 
Everything is altered. 
Even here.

Maybe, especially here.


  1. i really enjoyed this one. funny how it's always the good ole days, isn't it. but time's the magical ingredient there, after all, it sensors out the unpleasantness...