Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Cluttered Commentary on Starting Again

When I was a little girl, and would complain about being hungry, my father would smile and whisper to me, "hunger is the best spice." And he was right. But not just about food, about life, about the world, about love. Especially love. Sometimes he still looks at me the same way he did when I was eight and in love with the universe, and I'm reminded that being an adult doesn't disallow me the option of being in love with the universe. Does it?

But how do you fall back in love after so much has happened? How do you leave behind the car wrecks and unpaid bills, the flashes of light-lost imprinted permanently on your heart? Start the car. It's all that simple, isn't it? Just remember... everything worth happening, happens when you least expect it. And breathe. Breathing is a necessity. And while your breathing, something might just happen, because life can change with every breath we take. And when your heart hurts, just breathe. And when you can't stop the pain, just breathe. Sooner or later all the pieces will fall into place... they always do.

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