Thursday, August 12, 2010

Conversation w/ a Stranger

*I'm a poet.* Un-confident. More of a question really.

*Are you?* Nonchalant. All knowing.

*Do you doubt me?* Even I doubt me.

*Never.* Serious.

*I'll write for you.* A challenge. A motive. A meaning.

*You always have.* Unbroken composure.

*I don't understand.* A thousand questions burning me outside in.

*Don't you?* Fixed. Constant.

*Perhaps...* Wheels are turning, fires burning.

*Perhaps what?* His eyes on mine. 

*I am an old soul.* Understanding.

*So you do understand.* A star falls.

*Goodbye, then, old friend.* Sometimes there are more than two halves.

*We'll meet soon.* When the planets align for us.

*I know.* I know. Finally, I know.

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